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Manage your fashion products and variants with time-saving ease

  • Create products and variants with agility and organize them into collections.
  • Upload and share tech packs, contracts, images and documents with your manufacturers.
  • Download guides, templates, and other useful resources.

Add Materials & Components to your products

  • Search materials and components from a Sqetch curated supplier's marketplace.
  • Source materials from your own suppliers and conveniently add them to your products.

and services to your draft orders

  • Add your production requirements from a list of pre-defined services, or define your own.

Collaborate and manage your orders in one place

  • Invite your own manufacturers to your draft orders.
  • Collaboratively communicate and manage your orders with manufacturer and suppliers.
  • Generate purchase orders and receive invoices.
  • Pay manufacturers and suppliers directly. No commission fees.

with real-time communication and document sharing

  • Chat with your manufacturers and suppliers throughout your draft order creation.
  • Negotiate prices, agree on production details and delivery deadlines.
  • Gain transparency across your supply chain.

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