About Sqetch

We connect fashion brands with the most suited manufacturer

In the summer of 2015 we started to help small brands in their search for the right manufacturer. We wanted to build a community for all those makers and creators. A place you join to share experiences of such a challenging but promising industry.

A few months later Sqetch was born. An online marketplace to get your ideas on apparel made. We guide brands through the making process and help them easily connect with the most suited manufacturer in Europe and beyond. Feel like joining our community? We’ll help you to find the perfect match.

Our values

Our team

Our adventure just started. With a great team and tremendous ambitions we passionately work on Sqetch day and night. Supported by a growing community of makers and creators we believe change will come. One day brands can easily connect with apparel manufacturers to bring their ideas to life. Enough challenges to overcome, but together we’ll get it made!