Sqetch┃for Brands

Sqetch┃for Brands

Finding the perfect manufacturer can be exhausting – for that reason, you can count on Sqetch to save your money and time and help you find a suitable manufacturer or service provider in a few clicks. 

How it Works?

It’s simple!

We’ve prepared a tutorial guide to explain everything to you. Let’s check it out:

Step-by-step Guide

1. Sign Up

Sqetch makes signing up easy. Only an email is required, and once signed up you can begin to create a project.

2. Create a Project

Your first step is to search for a manufacturer right from the Sqetch website.

Select the type of product you are looking to produce. Then define your specifications such as the number of styles, quantity and the type of service.

You can enhance your search by selecting advanced options based on the type of supplier, country, certifications and associations. 

Sqetch will then populate a list of possible manufacturers for a perfect match.

 3. Review Search Results

Sqetch will provide you with a list of possible manufacturers based on your search criteria. 

Important: We suggest you go through the manufacturers’ profiles to learn more about their speciality and services in detail. 

Our Trusted partners of Sqetch (e.g. Gold, Silver, or Bronze members) rank higher in our search results while complimenting your search criteria in our platform’s algorithm. Ranked trusted partners not only have gained our trust but also the trust of brands who worked with them in the past.

Each manufacturer specifies their profile conditions such as price, type of service and minimum order requirements. After selecting the manufacturers you want to work with, you can directly send them a request/inquiry for your order (RFQ).

Important: On our platform, you can also send the same quote to multiple manufacturers and the process is similar – you just need to click on “quote multiple manufacturers.”

Either choosing to get a quote from multiple manufacturers or a specific manufacturer you’ll then be asked to provide further details of your request, including the opportunity to upload relevant images for your project.

Don’t forget to review the information before submitting your request.

Ah don’t stress out if you are not sure about the exact value (eg. MOQ or budget) – you can always use an approximate value and discuss details with your manufacturer right on the platform. 

 3. Manage Orders – Negotiate & Produce 

On our platform, managing your orders is simple! Sqetch will guide you step-by-step through an auto-completed template and task management. 

From your dashboard, you can manage all your orders, receive and share documents in a few clicks. 

We value transparency! The Sqetch platform is designed for you to have clear communication with manufacturers and to make sure that nothing goes unnoticed.

You can manage your quotes in a heartbeat. Simply log into your account and open your dashboard. From there you can access the complete details of the quotes you have sent, and you can also manage the projects created and contact the manufacturers anytime you need. We aim for a completely smooth process to support the creation of truly strong partnerships.

4. Manage your profile

Your Sqetch profile is a powerful tool. The more relevant details and images you add to your profile, the better your chances of engaging and connecting with great manufacturers –  so make sure your profile is complete and true to the image of your business.

On your dashboard, you can access your profile and add all the information related to your company.

To gain the trust of manufacturers, and speed up the process, it’s essential to complete your profile with all the necessary information, this will help manufacturers to learn more about your brand so that they can provide you with the best service.  

5. Boost your skills with Tools, Guides & Training

You are not alone in this journey and Sqetch is standing by you every step of the way. We’re here to provide you with the needed tools and support by offering valuable e-learning resources for beginners to advanced users, including downloadable free guides from the Sqetch shop. Sqetch also offers open templates such as Tech Packs, Size Charts and Line Sheets. 

If you want to dive deeper, you can book a training session with handpicked experts from our network, who’ll be happy to support you. 

6. Memberships & Pricing 

Join Sqetch today, our free plan will give you access to all the essential functionalities that will get you started with your digital sourcing goals. 

For better leads and enhanced exposure, we recommend upgrading to one of our carefully designed membership plans. If you are a startup or running a small scale business, we recommend the Lite plan You can manage up to 15 projects per month, you can have individualized assistance, sourcing recommendations and discounts on our e-learning shop.  

A step above the Lite plan is our Premium plan, it’s designed for brands who are looking for a more robust feature set with unlimited project requests, The premium plan includes all the features provided in the Lite plan, with additional hours of dedicated assistance, more recommendations and bigger discounts. In addition to your premium member badge, you will also get featured on our site, which will help you stand out, as it offers the credibility that our top sustainable manufacturers look for 

As a premium member, you have access to exclusive events and conferences, so you are never left behind in anything that happens in the industry. 

For more information, check out here

We hope we could answer your questions – if not, use the live chat to contact our support team! We are happy to help!