Sqetch┃for Manufacturers

Sqetch┃for Manufacturers

The sourcing process can be exhausting and time-consuming. Sqetch helps you to find suitable brands for you by getting you the exposure you deserve! It’s a great opportunity to receive high-quality leads and connect easily with new businesses.

but first…how Sqetch works?


Now that you learned more about how the platform works, we have small but powerful tips to help you succeed on the platform! Let’s take a look at the video and the tutorial Sqetch has prepared for you: 

  • Improve your visibility

In this tutorial, you will learn to stand out from your competitors on the platform through profile management.

First, It’s important to highlight that when brands look for manufacturers, the system will provide them with a list of best fitting manufacturers ranked based on their search criteria.  

They are ranked by manufacturers membership level, profile completion rate, response time, projects completed and sustainability performance. As Sqetch has more than 6.000 manufacturers, to draw the attention of the brands, it makes a total difference that you rank higher in the list.

For that to happen, there are some factors that can help you rank higher:

  • Complete your profile & make it professional 
  • Upload certificate and images
  • Become a special member (Bronze, Silver, Gold members rank higher subsequently)
  • Desirable response rate and sustainability performance
  • Use the platform to finalise and manage projects. 

From your dashboard, you can access your profile and make sure all the fields are complete. Select your company requirements, so you support the accuracy of the matchmaking process.

Don’t forget to write a good description of your company and to upload images of your work. Ensure your profile looks as professional as possible and with that, you’ll capture the attention of the best brands

  • Manage Requests

The first step of the matchmaking process consists of brands searching for manufacturers and requesting quotes. On our platform, everything can be done in a heartbeat.

When brands send their request, you can visualise the overall details:

  • Product Type
  • Number of Styles
  • Deadline
  • Materials
  • Total Quantity
  • Budget

After analysing them, you can determine if they suit your business. If they do, you can click on “Start a project”. 

Still not sure about it? That’s not a problem! You can get in touch with the brand for further details and make the decision whenever you feel ready. 

  • Manage Orders

On our platform, managing your orders is simple! 

Sqetch will guide you through an easy and step-by-step process by auto-completed templates and task management tools. Through your dashboard, you can manage all your orders and receive & share documents in a few clicks. 

Transparency for us is a valuable thing! The platform is made for you to have clear communication with brands and make sure that nothing is left behind – and everything is done simply and intuitively in which you have control of all orders, products and partners in your supply chain.

With our browser-based collaborative system you can manage your orders, your product data, delivery notes and invoices, wherever you are, in real-time and on any device

Plus: become a pro and boost your skills with our e-learning tools, guides and training.

  • Boost your skills with tools & guides

You are not alone in this journey and Sqetch is on your side. We’ll get the tools to support you in your professionalization journey. We offer a great variety of e-learning resources from beginners to advanced levels, including several free guides, that you can download from the Sqetch shop

If you need a deep dive, you can book training sessions with handpicked experts from our network, who’ll be happy to support you. 

  • Memberships & Pricing

Each manufacturer has different needs. We offer various membership plans for garment manufacturers and agents. The plans provide you with different levels of promotion, ranking in our directory of more than 6.000 manufacturers and give you access to features, business events, industry insights and trend reports. If you are a small business, and online isn’t necessarily is your main source of acquiring customers, then the Bronze membership might be the right one for you – It costs only 9 euros a month

  • For small to medium-sized businesses and you’re looking to increase your customer base and gain more exposure, we recommend going for the Silver plan
  • Now, if you’re scaling your business or aim for having the full spectrum of benefits and maximum exposure to brands, we recommend that you go for t.he Gold membership.

For more information, check out here

We hope we could answer your questions – if not, use the live chat to contact our support team! We are happy to help!