Sqetch┃How it works

Sqetch┃How it works

You are wondering what Sqetch is all about?

Sqetch is an online B2B sourcing and networking platform where fashion brands can connect to manufacturers and more players to bring their fashion products to life. Complete with planning software, the entire product development and production processes can be managed online for smoother communication and efficient collaboration.

Have a quick look at our intro and tour videos to see all the features and benefits that Sqetch brings with it.

What Sqetch is all about?

Sqetch Platform Explained (Tour)

Sqetch is a B2B sourcing platform and supply chain management tool that helps brands to find the best fitting manufacturers according to their needs and streamlines the production process step by step, collaborative in real-time. Apart from time & money-saving, It supports them to improve their sustainability performance and manage their supply chain digitally in a risk-free environment.

Brands can use the Sqetch platform to easily search and find the best manufacturers for their projects. The process is simple and hassle-free.  

  • The first step is to select the type of product they are looking to produce. Then define further details such as the number of styles and products and the type of service they need assistance with. 
  • It’s possible to enhance the filter search, by selecting advanced options based on the type of supplier, country, certifications and associations. 
  • Based on the search criteria, Sqetch will provide a list of the best matching manufacturers.
  • Before selecting the manufacturer, we suggest brands go through their profiles to learn more about their specialities and services in detail. 

Our Trusted partners of Sqetch (e.g. Gold, Silver, or Bronze manufacturers) rank higher in our search results while complimenting your search criteria. our platform’s algorithm. Ranked trusted partners not only have gained our trust but also the trust of brands who worked with them in the past

What do we recommend to our manufacturers?

As Sqetch has more than 6.000 manufacturers, to draw the attention of the brands, it makes a total difference that they rank higher in the list, therefore, we suggest them to

  • Complete their profile
  • Upload certificate and images
  • Become a special member (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
  • Accomplish Projects
  • Have a desirable response rate

When brands make their decision, they can directly send to the manufacturers a request/inquiry. During this stage, the system will prompt them to provide further details on their quote request such as images and extra relevant information of the project. 

On the Sqetch platform, managing the orders is simple! Our system guides through an easy step-by-step process with auto-completed templates and task management. They just need to log into their account and open their dashboard. There, brands can manage their orders, receive and share documents in a few clicks. 

We value transparency! The Sqetch platform is designed for brands to have clear communication with manufacturers – to make sure that nothing is left behind. Everything is done simply and intuitively in which they have control of all orders, products and partners in their supply chain.

Brands and Manufacturers can manage quotes in a heartbeat. From the dashboard, they can access the complete details of the quotes, communicate with their business partners, manage the projects, product data, delivery notes and invoices, wherever they are, in real-time and on any device. 

Also, manufacturers can use it to build professional profiles, adding business specifications, certificates, images and general information. 

Sqetch aims for a completely smooth process to support the creation of truly strong partnerships.

Sqetch supports the development of the industry 

Our users can count on the Sqetch resource centre to boost their skills and keep up-to-date with the latest in the industry. 

They are not alone in their journey. Sqetch is standing by you every step of the way. Sqetch provides the needed tools – we offer a great variety of e-learning resources from beginners to advanced levels, including downloadable free guides from the Sqetch shop. Sqetch also offers open templates such as Tech Packs, Size Charts, and Line Sheets. 

For a deep dive, our users can book training sessions with handpicked experts from our industry network. 

Sqetch┃for Brands

Sqetch┃ for Manufacturers 

We hope we could answer your questions – if not, use the live chat to contact our support team! We are happy to help!