Circular Manufacturing Training by & Sqetch
Circular Manufacturing Training by & Sqetch

Circular Manufacturing Training by & Sqetch

The Circular Manufacturing Training is a comprehensive 20-hour digital training developed by in collaboration with Sqetch that will provide you with in-depth knowledge on all aspects of circularity in the manufacturing of fashion garments - from material selection and design strategies, closed loop production processes, to take-back, sorting and recycling. 

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"We are a sustainable change agency creating software and system innovation for a circular economy in fashion and textiles"

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Made for

Garment Manufacturers

aiming to dive into sustainability and circularity and producing fully circular products but also learning how to best advise their clients on crucial product choices.

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The training

The training is underpinned by design thinking methods and uses a diverse array of media (videos, texts, worksheets etc.) taking you through phases of understand, ideate, rapid prototype and iterate on a chosen product challenge. After completing the training, you will have created a circularity concept both on product and facility levels, discovered a large variety of methods and solutions, and most importantly gained knowledge on how circular production of garment can drive sustainable change in the fashion industry. 

You have 10 weeks to finalise the training. It can be conducted over a couple of days or over the full period, to best fit your personal schedule. Suited for garment manufacturers who wish to get a holistic view of sustainability in fashion. 

Please note, this training is part of the Circular Manufacturing Programme developed in collaboration with Sqetch, Textile ETP and Lucid Minds, funded by EIT Climate-KIC. It aims to increase awareness of the key role that garment manufacturers play in closing the loop in textile production.