Supplier's Free Subscription Offer

We are introducing a much better way for you to communicate and offer your materials and components to brands exactly where and when they need it.

During a limited period of time, we are offering to fashion suppliers a special invitation to a completely free subscription. This will include no comission fees or extra charges of any kind for a full year following the new Sqetch platform launch.

Entirely new set of features created for your business

Join Sqetch for free.

Then set up a unique company profile.

Easily add your materials and create beautiful collections.

Showcase your business and products to brands worldwide.

Receive order requests and chat directly with brands.

Increase visibility of your company.

And keep expanding your business in a global pool of fashion players.

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A better look at how Sqetch works

Brands initiate a project by creating a list of products they’d like to produce. For details, they can add materials and components to their products directly from a curated library of suppliers.

Time to start an order: after providing all the essential info, brands are either matched with ideal manufacturers from our network or bring in their own. The product materials are chosen from our virtual library, and that's how suppliers come into play.

Boost your visibility

On Sqetch, you can quickly create your business profile and material collections. Your materials will be automatically showcased in the library available to brands.

Attract new customers & expand your business

When a brand chooses your material, you can invoice them and they can make the payment directly with you.

Sqetch: your coworking space

Manage your sales and communicate with brands and manufacturers directly through the platform.

What is Sqetch?

Sqetch is built to be the most useful online platform for fashion production.

No borders: our goal is to bring together fashion players from all corners of the world to overcome the obstacles of production rooted in an enormous but disconnected industry, and create more efficient pathways for the future of fashion as a whole.

Is Sqetch for me?

If you are a fashion supplier looking to continue or expand a process of fashion production, enter new international markets and find a wider pool of clients and partners, then it's likely for you.

We have designed Sqetch for suppliers, manufacturers, and brands, of every size, to better communicate and collaborate.

Sqetch is made to be your digital workspace and diversified channel of client acquisition, complete with a portal to a global network of brands and suppliers, as well as the channel of communication between all stakeholders involved in a production order.

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*After applying, our team will review your submitted information and get back to you before the new Sqetch is launched in Q1 2023.