Sustainability comes in many shapes and sizes. Our workshops help you find the solutions that fit your needs.

We help you to network with global brands, clothing manufacturers and other apparel companies to share knowledge, learnings and practical insights. You can also join exciting lectures and exclusive events led by industry leaders.

Interested in case studies or custom workshops? Our experienced coaches use state-of-the-art methods, so you can achieve optimal results and future-proof your business. Scroll down to learn more.


The Thinkathon Challenge is all about harnessing the power of interdisciplinary dialogue.
+ Workshops with multidisciplinary teams
+ Collaborative approach
+ Focused on problem-solving.


In our Seminars and Masterclasses we learn fashion businesses how to implement (new) sustainability approaches. We curate programmes with top-class mentors – like we did for Fashion Council Germany and the Berlin Senate, to support emerging designers in their business development.


Develop innovative concepts and scale up ideas quickly with this intensive creative thinking format. For TCBL we organised a hackathon to program a working prototype of a short-runs mapping platform in the space of 48 hours. Two in teams with software developers, UX designers and business strategists...