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What is Sqetch?

Sqetch is the online platform to get your ideas on clothing made. We help fashion brands and other users connect to manufacturers.

What specifically does Sqetch provide?

We provide brands the tools needed to easily connect with clothing manufacturers from all over Europe and beyond.

How do we help Brands?

  • Find a manufacturer 10x faster
    Search manufacturer profiles based on criteria you find important.
  • Better compare manufacturers
    Choose wisely based on in-depth manufacturer profiles.
  • Direct communication
    Message manufacturers that fit your needs.
  • Project management
    Manage your manufacturing process using our project management software.
  • Accreditations and reviews
    Credentials of all our manufacturers are checked and reviewed by previous brands.

How do we help Manufacturers?

  • Improve online presence
    Effortlessly create an online profile page visible to our community of brands.
  • Grow your business
    Receive high quality leads - inquiries that fit your profile.
  • Direct communication
    Communicate directly with brands you started a project with. One place to organise production and work together.
  • Save time
    We help you receive all the information necessary to generate an accurate quote.
  • Remain in control
    You decide which brands - starting, small or big - to work with and when to start a project.

How it works?

How it works for fashion brands?

1. Create your project
Answer specific questions about your desired product.

2. Find a manufacturer
According to your needs you can find a manufacturer.

3. Get it made
If every detail is set, the making process can begin

How it works for clothing manufacturers?

1. Create a profile
Provide specific information to improve online presence. Help brands to easily find you and start projects together.

2. Receive leads
Receive high quality leads: we only send you inquiries that fit your profile.

3. Grow your business
You decide when to quote. Save time, send personalised messages and remain in control to grow your business.

What is Sqetch's vision?

Sqetch wants to create a world in which brands can easily connect with clothing manufacturers.

Who are Sqetch's founders?

Wiebe Poelmann

Wouter de Roy van Zuijdewijn

When was Sqetch founded?

Sqetch was founded in July 2015 in Amsterdam.

What makes Sqetch so special?

Finding and working with a manufacturer is complicated. Sqetch makes it easy.

We provide brands the tools needed to easily connect with clothing manufacturers. And we capitalize on a macro shift towards a new way of working – more focused on online communications. Sqetch is accelerating this movement.

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1014 BL Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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