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If we had to answer it in one sentence: we built the new Sqetch to be the most useful online platform for fashion production available. Everyone who has ever tried creating fashion knows that getting ideas from the drawing desk to the market is a long endeavour of courage. Finding the right manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers to set up a supply chain that meets each need can be a tiresome, drawn-out, and expensive process, rooted in an enormous and disconnected worldwide industry.

It was from the ambitious intent to bridge this disconnection that Sqetch was born in Berlin. We have been working to bring together fashion players from all corners of the world to overcome these obstacles to production and create more efficient pathways for the fashion industry as a whole.

Throughout our journey, we have made many strides towards that goal, and among those natural hits and misses of any worthwhile search, we have learned a lot.

For the last few years, we have gathered those learnings, grown our team, and developed a new and improved Sqetch equipped to take that mission further!

Now, we want to make it as easy as possible for anyone, and we really do mean anyone, to roll out their fashion design ideas by providing a beautiful and (very) time-saving way of turning projects into products.

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No, Sqetch is a fashion production platform to create a work place for brands with manufacturers and suppliers. For that reason, it does not offer any sort of manufacturing service.

Our job is to create an online environment for strong and efficient partnerships—this means we provide a network of manufacturers and suppliers that can meet the brands needs.

If you're an individual or a company looking into beginning, continuing or expanding a process of fashion production, then it's likely for you.We have designed Sqetch for individual designers, startups and established brands alike. You can be planning your next fashion line or a one-off product launch and find within it a diverse set of solutions.

Sqetch is made to be your digital workspace for product management, complete with a portal to a global network of manufacturers and suppliers, as well as the channel of communication between all stakeholders involved in every project you begin.

Using the Sqetch platform

You can update any information on your profile in a heartbeat.

Just log in on our home page with your email and password, and on the left side, look for the icon named “profile“.

To make any changes, you just need to click on the “pencil” icon next to each category title and insert the new desired information.

If you experience any issue that is not related to the platform, it is important that you contact directly the brand or manufacturer to resolve the problem as soon as possible. 

Our users are always encouraged to provide complete profiles and act with professionalism. However, Sqetch does not take any responsibility for the actions of our members.

Our Magazine is a great learning source, that also keeps you in the loop with the coolest trends, events, and news of the fashion world. 

For educational purposes, we offer, through our shop, a rich variety of e-learning tools, that help brands boost and optimize their business.

Pricing & Billing

The platform only accepts annual billing payments, which means that you purchase only once and the membership is valid for the next 12 months.

The renovation is done automatically, unless you disable it on your dashboard.

After the trial period, the purchase of the membership will enable you to have full access to the features of the platform for the period of a year.

*The renovation of the membership is done automatically, unless you disable it on your profile.

The process is simple.

1. Open your dashboard.

2. Click on billing

3. Click on Cancel Membership

When you chose the option, your membership won't be renewed, but you can still enjoy the features until the expiring period.

• Your subscription is valid until its expiration date (one year after subscribing)*.

• To cancel it, you just need to disable the automatic renew**

* You can cancel your subscription with full refund, if the cancellation is made within the first 30 days.

** If you disable the automatic renew, your membership remains valid until the expiration date

The memberships are different for brands and manufacturers and have different princes and features.

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Manufacturers & Suppliers

For Fashion Brands

A brand is any fashion company, designer or indiviual that wants to produce fashion and clothing related products or is in need of assistance in the production process.

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Yes, to start using the Sqetch services, you need an account.

Although Sqetch offers a great way to connect with apparel manufacturers, brands must take into account that choosing a specific manufacturer is their own responsibility. Therefore, Sqetch highly recommends brands to do due diligence.

For example:

•Visit a clothing manufacturer or supplier before booking an order.

•Check references of clothing manufacturers and suppliers before you start to work together.

•Ask if they have experience with your product(s) or similar type of brands.

•Confirm all terms of contract, make sure all costs and responsibilities are clearly set out.

Finding the right Manufacturer can be overly complex.

Depending on the product you would like to create, it’s important to go through the manufacturers’ profiles suggested on the platform, to decide the ones that best meet your needs. 

Please keep in mind that it is essential to check references, professionalism and consult their work through external tools such as websites, social media and brochures. 

Don’t go in alone. With our shop, we support sustainable development through a range of e-learning resources, platforms, workshops, showcases, and custom solutions based on your needs.

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For Manufacturers

A manufacturer is any supplier, producer, or service company of fashion or clothing-related products that add something to the supply chain. Manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers can be listed on Sqetch to get access to brands from all over the world.

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Yes, to start using the Sqetch services, you need an account.

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At first, our recommendation is to become a trusted partner, through Gold, Silver, or Bronze memberships, as they rank higher in the platform’s list.

In addition, manufacturers should pay attention to the following common mistakes:

•Information is not clear or not complete

•The profile is empty or doesn’t look professional.

• The response time is too long

It’s essential that manufacturers understand that the more professional and clear their profile is, the bigger chances they have to draw attention from the brands.

Learn from the common questions of your customers, and always keep your profile complete and up-to-date.

For a complete guide, click here.

Due to the matchmaking process of the platform, as a manufacturer, you are not able to look for brands. However, you are visible to thousands of brands looking for partners to work with. The better you describe your services and your profile looks, the higher the chances are that suitable buyers will come back to you

For that reason, we've prepared small, but powerful tips for you to stand out and be unbeatable on the platform. 

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