STATEX: Quality from Germany since 1978

STATEX: Quality from Germany since 1978

All over the world, manufacturers of finished products are supplied with silver-plated textiles and we would like to introduce you to our partner member Statex who is the world leader in silver-finished panel products. Under their own brand Shieldex® they offer a variety of products from metallized yarns, fabrics and fibers to zippers and more. All products have a high load capacity as well as electrical conductivity due to their unique metallization process which is characteristic for all Shieldex® products.

Statex metallizes textiles for innovative products in many different user markets. Extremely good electrical and thermal conductivity, antibacterial effectiveness against 99.9% of all common bacteria and shielding against electromagnetic radiation are just some of the properties of silver that Statex uses for their Shieldex® products.

The strength of Statex lies in their future-oriented product development, which revolutionizes the technical, conventional markets with light, ductile, highly conductive textiles. Thanks to their experience of over 40 years in the field of metallized textiles, Statex provides the expertise to work with global corporations on innovative solutions to the problems of today and tomorrow.

Natural, 99% pure silver combined with a PA textile creates a high-quality, universally applicable Shieldex® product. They supply, among others, well-known companies from the automotive, aerospace, medical, technology, EMC and of course smart textiles sectors.

Especially in the field of medicine, silver is of great interest due to its antimicrobial effect. The silver-plated Shieldex® fabrics are used, among other things, in the field of medical technology where they serve as one of the most effective and natural remedies. Especially for open wounds and neurodermatitis, the healing process is accelerated by silver-plated wound dressings. By continuously releasing positively charged silver ions into the wound, negatively charged germs are absorbed and killed by the reaction with the proteins. Open wounds can therefore no longer become inflamed and healing is accelerated.

The advantages lie in the unique metallization method, in which the textile fibre is metallized in 3 dimensions, even in the case of flat fabrics. Unlike films or alternative technologies, the silver in Shieldex® products also penetrates the crossing points of the textile structures without losing the ductile feel of the textile. The deep anchoring of the metal in the textile makes it extremely resistant to kinking and abrasion. Due to their long years of expertise, Statex is able to develop individual solutions for all customer requirements and, if necessary, to adapt their process to meet customer needs.

The high quality of the products and the satisfaction of their customers is very important to the company. Goods from the European area and the refinement of these in their in-house production embody a high quality standard. Since the foundation of the company, Statex has paid attention to the compliance with these standards, which can also be proved by various certificates.

In 2016, the company was even honored with the Schütting Prize for Innovations in SMEs for its constant adaptation to the market and its ability to innovate.

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Phone: +49 421 27 50 47

Address: Kleiner Ort 11, 28357 Bremen, Germany