Finnish – German Sustainable Textiles Virtual Speed Dating (Event RECAP)

Finnish – German Sustainable Textiles Virtual Speed Dating (Event RECAP)

Innovation and true collaboration need safe spaces and trusted door openers. Next to our digital matchmaking, Sqetch supports innovators to connect with industry partners to scale their impact with brokerage events, showcases and R&D projects.  Along with the projects, Sqetch has expanded its horizons worldwide and established key partnerships for impactful collaborations. The aim is to empower the members of the industry to reach objectives related to business development, sustainability and professionalization.

In the first week of February 2022, Sqetch was honored to join forces with Business Finland – and host the webinar Finnish – German Sustainable Textiles Virtual Speed Dating. Carefully selected innovators from Finland’s circular textile's ecosystem were matched with leading fashion and textile brands from Germany, including key e-commerce platforms, retail chains, corporate and workwear brands. In addition, the participants had the opportunity to gain insights into the Finnish sustainable textiles market and the chance to meet preferred partners in 1on1 meetings.

In this article, we want to share some insights about the Finnish circular textiles ecosystem and introduce innovators and support infrastructure as a best practice example.

The Fashion Industry in Flux

Image Credits: Business Finland

Image Credits:  Business Finland

The Mission of Business Finland


For this achievement, Business Finland:

  • Promotes, facilitates and funds innovation
  • Helps Finnish companies grow and go international 
  • Works to make Finland an attractive destination for international travel, investments and talents

Why Finland?

Finland is a leading country in innovations that can make the textile industry more ecological and build sustainable textile ecosystems. After the decline of the giant Finish company Nokia,  Finland was full of extremely qualified professionals who spread around the country, boosting the creation of innovative technologies and business models.

Together with other crucial factors, such as natural resources, government support and incentives, the innovation in sustainability in Finland was empowered, putting the country in an advantageous and competitive position. These innovations include F.ex chemical retreatment, recycled raw materials and digital solutions. The role of Business Finland is to support Finnish companies that offer innovative solutions and create cooperation opportunities for German brands and buyers.

Image Credits:  Business Finland

In addition, Finland is blessed by its natural resources. But being blessed is not the only thing that makes the country so powerful. The incentive for the development of sustainable technologies helps the country to make conscious use of its resources.  The abundance of wood allows the emergence of sustainable technologies that enable the production of cellulose fibres from wood waste, that can replace fabrics such as cotton and polyester, avoiding the problematic ways of production of these particular materials. 

See below, how Finland is becoming a future power, with a potential far ahead of many European countries.

Image Credits: Business Finland

Meet the innovators from Finland

Natural Indigo Finland

Globe Hope

Fiare Solutions


Emmy Clothing Company


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