Changes That Matter: A Network Facilitating Positive Impacts

Changes That Matter: A Network Facilitating Positive Impacts

Finding manufacturers and suppliers to set up a supply chain and produce can be a tiresome and expensive process, rooted in an enormous but disconnected industry. Sqetch was born out of the ambition to overcome obstacles and close gaps in fashion production. 

In the past year, Sqetch has been rolling out a complete overhaul of its system. We've gathered our learnings and developed a new and improved platform equipped to take that mission further! Sqetch is made to be a workspace for product management, complete with a portal to a global network of manufacturers and suppliers, as well as the channel of communication between everyone involved in a project.

Along with the platform, Sqetch furthers its commitment to the sustainable growth of the industry by taking part in EU R&D projects like HEREWEAR which focuses on sustainable clothing. Together with the project, we’re developing a networked manufacturing solution that enables manufacturers, suppliers, and brands to go from design to production of garments in bio-based, local, and circular contexts. 

In our journey towards the new platform, we emphasize the importance of our partners in the composition of this network that strives so hard for sustainable development. As much as their visions meet the interests of each business, they base themselves on the same pillar: to bring about a change in the industry that really matters. The plurality and contributions of their experiences complement each other and join forces for a transformation. 

With the mission of empowering and enriching our community, Sqetch is proud to spread the word about the partners whose efforts and sustainable practices we sincerely admire.

Katty Fashion

We turn ideas into reality. 

The vision

Katty Fashion is an innovative SME from Romania with almost two decades of expertise in fashion manufacturing. Their core values center on creating ethical workplaces and environmentally friendly production methods. Winner of two prizes thanks to its sustainability efforts, Katty Fashion is committed to creating ethical and sustainable garments.

The company dedicated its resources to transitioning to an innovative and sustainable business model. It focuses on a bottom-up approach for the development of viable techniques and services with zero pre-consumer waste of all resources in collaborative design, product development, and on-demand smart manufacturing.

What does Katty Fashion do?

Katty Fashion specializes in collaborative design, development, prototyping, and production of all womenswear categories for over 50 EU brands. The company has invested significant resources in technology development and state-of-the-art practices that allow them to improve the efficiency, quality, and range of the services. To ensure quality and customer satisfaction, they provide a personal service that is capable of identifying the exact needs of each brand. 

The impact:

As a first stage in the process, 3D technologies were introduced in product development and successfully launched new services that resulted in zero pre-consumer waste of resources through collaborative design, virtual prototyping, and digital validation of styles.

The development process is faster and requires, on average, 50% fewer samples. This is not only 50% less time and cost but also 50% less waste — waste that, whenever technologically and logistically possible, is recycled. 
Moreover, the company reinforces its commitment to a more sustainable industry by supporting multiple EU-funded R&D projects.

Discover Katty Fashion. 


Enriching the fabric of life on our planet.

The vision:

Over the past thirty-five years, MAS has been on a journey of growth, innovation, and transformation, a journey that has always been marked by continuous improvement, questioning, “How and what can we do better?”

The company stands out due to its sustainability efforts, as since the early days, the aim has been to do the right thing and lead change in the industry. In addition, MAS is engaged to ensure favorable working conditions and empowering women in the workforce. 

The last few years have had a positive effect on the company, aligning strategy with important areas of focus like people, innovation, and sustainable business models.

What does MAS do?

MAS expertise ranges from manufacturing lingerie, sportswear, sleepwear, swimwear, and athleisure to adaptive clothing, femtech, healthtech, and other innovative and futuristic apparel. The business started with 26 machines and 60 people manufacturing lingerie in a single facility and has grown to an organization that is now home to over 118,000 individuals. 

To implement disruptive ideas that shape our future, MAS is driven by three pillars: product and material-related excellence, technological innovation, and process optimization. 

The impact:

MAS is proud of the consolidation of social, environmental, and product sustainability efforts into one sustainability structure, combining the strengths of the teams and aligning goals to achieve greater consistency and impact. 

Their commitment is to inspire change within the business, among customers, people and communities, and on our planet at large. Along with this, MAS identified twelve commitments for 2025 to outline its “Plan for Change” through three areas of focus: products, lives, and the planet.

Learn more about MAS.


Be inspired  - and stay safe.

The vision

The aim is to move the textile industry forward, especially in Europe. 
Mitwill has built a strong textile foundation supported by professional experience, social understanding, and a network of partners ranging from universities, research institutes, and textile buyers to textile producers.

The company welcomes people from all over as an empowering initiative, enabling them to exchange and produce printed fabrics efficiently. Furthermore, technology plays a fundamental role for the business. Mitwill has its own on-site and digital microfactory as a result of a strong investment in innovation and modern IT. 

What does Mitwill do?

The company offers textile print designs, technical print files for digital fabric printers, sourcing of garments and fabrics, including 3D simulations, pattern digitization, tech pack creation, digitally printed fabrics from France, conventionally printed or dyed fabrics from Europe, and community face masks.

The impact:

By hosting events, attending fairs, participating in European projects like HEREWEAR, and bringing young creatives together, Mitwill takes a significant initiative to invest in resilient textile trade structures and preserve textile creativity for future generations. 

Mitwill takes action to contribute to healthy local ecosystems. Find out more here


Passionate about fashion, urban way of life, circularity, and fairness.

The vision:

The vision for the future of fashion is to aspire to great quality designs planned, produced, and consumed with thought for circularity and responsibility for nature.

Sustainability efforts are the key to success for Vretena, a family-owned fashion brand based in Germany that brings urban and nature together through innovation, aiming for a significant impact in the fashion industry.

What does Vretena do?

With nature in mind as the ultimate source of inspiration, Vretena strives to create high-quality, urban-fashionable clothes that are designed, manufactured, and consumed with a sense of circularity social and environmental responsibility. With that, the company takes an integrated approach to circularity. All materials and trims used are carefully selected to fit one or several recyclers.

All clothing receives an individual and scannable circularity.ID® as a result of the implementation of mindful innovation to enable and support the circularity, longevity, and recycling of these garments. The circularity.ID transparently holds the full story of the garment, from raw materials to the finished product.

The impact:

Due to its unique perspective and growing knowledge of sustainable manufacturing, from clothing design to actual production, the company stands out as a game changer in the industry, with the potential to inspire not only other fashion brands but also manufacturers worldwide.  For that reason, Vretena plays a vital role in integrating a networked manufacturing solution, as it is a key layer for implementing mindful innovation. 

Vretena strives for fashion sustainability and circularity and builds on a step-by-step journey.  Learn more here

Sqetch will continue to pursue its goal of collaborating with players who genuinely aim to see the world change for the better. We intend to carry out the mission and keep spreading the word about inspiring partners. We’re also proud to offer a platform that benefits from the participation of such significant figures.

Our platform will be launched in Q1 2023, and we count on your support to further enrich this environment that still has so much to develop.  For more information on what's coming, stay in touch with us via our newsletter or socials.

And if you have any questions, please contact us