KOMPAKT - Digital Co-creation Platform for the Realization of Sustainable Fashion Concepts

KOMPAKT - Digital Co-creation Platform for the Realization of Sustainable Fashion Concepts

Sqetch and DITF have joined forces in the KompakT project having started from April 1st, 2021 onwards for a 2 years time span.

The complexity of the fashion supply chains rather frequently prevents the implementation of innovative fashion concepts. The current challenge of the fashion industry can be characterized by:

  • Growing demand for short runs (smaller quantities and shorter delivery times), which require the availability of digital collaboration platforms;
  • Higher importance of networking of the partners in production and brands involved in the product, given the requirement of particularly small minimum order quantities (MOQ) offers;
  • Design, development and realization process not being collaborative and iterative, which means that considerable innovation potential is lost;
  • Creativity, experiential knowledge and competences of producers and suppliers remaining unused, material properties or process diversity not being exploited;
  • Globalized fashion supply chains for short runs being prone to errors due to complexity, the organization being time-consuming and cost-intensive, which is at the expense of social and environmental standards.

Recognizing that the consequences concern not only sustainability aspects but also diversity of production processes and transparency of the fashion industry, Sqetch and DITF are about to implement the KompakT digital co-creation platform that would bring together creatives with partners in production and brands in the value creation of fashion, removing the existing hurdles at the interfaces in a barrier-free and seamless way.

This holistic approach within the KompakT project focuses on smart networking and automation by enabling self-user principles for the multitude of different aesthetic concepts, textile materials, suppliers and services. In addition to the provision of design and product development services, the focus is on the configuration of product and supply chain scenarios with a simulative preview of the effects on social and environmental impacts.

For more information on KompakT project please contact:

  • Nataliia Kirillova - Project Management (email)