Clothing Manufacturers in Bangladesh 2022

Clothing Manufacturers in Bangladesh 2022

Apparel Manufacturing in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a regular-sized country located in Asia with lots of mountains like Saka Haphong or Zow Tlang, beaches like The Cox Bazar which is one of the longest beaches in the world and the world’s largest mangrove forests. It is located on the east side of India and its name originates from the phrase ‘The country of Bengal’. The Bengal tiger has its origins in this highly-populated country with more than 163 million people. Despite its medium size, Bangladesh is one of the largest clothing and textile manufacturers in the world. The Clothing and Textiles industry is also the largest in the country due to cheap labour, high skilled workers, and new technology, which make Bangladesh one of the best countries to manufacture. In 2018, it reached more than US$32 Billion in exports which generate 81% of the country’s exports and 20% of the total GDP of the country. It employs more than 20 million people within the thousands of fashion-related companies.  This giant garment exporting country is becoming increasingly popular and is becoming affiliated with high quality and sustainability criteria like the other countries. And don’t forget that you can reach them via Sqetch without any effort.

Featured Clothing Manufacturer in Bangladesh


1. Can you tell us what your company is all about?

Intertex Industries LTD is a garment\textiles manufacturer and exporter with more than 20 years of experience. We specialized in an extensive range of casual and former wear at the same time. We offer a wide range of production patterns and products for our customers within a high level of customer satisfaction. And we know that satisfaction comes from the quality of the products and the perfection of the process in the first place.

2. Why is Bangladesh a good place to manufacture apparel? 

For Bangladesh, apparel manufacturing is the most important industry for export and most manufacturers are giving value concerning that fact. The country moved forward at the learning curve at a certain point and pushed harder to be better than most of the manufacturing countries. We also have the same point of view. We learned a lot during these 20+ years, and we try to share the value that we can build with this point-of-view and the existing experience in the textiles industry. 

3. What advice would you give new designers and start-up brands?

We provide a wide variety of production possibilities for our customers. The processes can be confusing with the brands sometimes. For solving these, we can say that the using Sqetch system will help the brands to simplify the details by uploading sketches or patterns, and we will be there for the other decisions like materials selections or production details, etc. We will try to engage with brands as much as we can and try to build powerful relations. 

Quick Facts About Clothing Manufacturing in Bangladesh

  • Revenue in the Fashion segment accounts for over €32.2 Billion in 2018.  
  • The fashion industry employs over 20 million people in Bangladesh. 
  • Bangladesh is the third-largest exporter of textiles. 

Top Clothing Manufacturers in Bangladesh

To help you find the manufacturers that best meet your needs, we’ve created a list of potential manufacturers you can work with: