Clothing Manufacturers in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania 2022

Clothing Manufacturers in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania 2022

Apparel Manufacturing in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania

Looking to produce high-quality garments with a low MOQ? Your ideal apparel manufacturer can be located in one of the Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. These three countries have a long tradition of garment production and textile sourcing, making them some of Eastern Europe’s leading clothing producers. The factories offer the newest, most advanced sewing machines, highly skilled employees, and can produce clothing at a lower cost than many of their European counterparts. Find your ideal apparel manufacturer in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania today on Sqetch. 

Featured Clothing Manufacturer in Latvia

Der Schatz

1. Can you tell us what your company is all about?

Our design development and sewing factory work with clients around the world. We help them with product strategy, product design, and manufacturing of their collections. We offer FFP services from garment pattern making to bulk production. We can fulfil smaller quantity orders and sample series. The minimum production quantities vary depending on style and quality.

2. Why is Latvia a good place to manufacture apparel?

Our manufacturing facilities are located in Latvia, in Riga (capital of Latvia). Latvia is a cost-effective manufacturing country with European standards of high quality in garment production. We are an FFP factory just 20 min from Riga airport.

Latvia is known for its textile industry and its closeness to Nordic Countries makes it a very potential place of manufacturing compared to Southern European countries. In an ideal situation, we can do lead times as short as 4 weeks after the sample is approved.

3. What advice would you give new designers and start-up brands?

In our vision, there are the following useful steps to start own clothing line:

  • define your clothing brand ideas and settle on the type and style of clothes you want to sell;
  • come up with a clothing line name;
  • find a professional designer to make tech-packs for the styles;
  • source manufactories;
  • source fabric suppliers;
  • The real heart of the business, designing and making clothes, requires a lot of research into suppliers and manufacturers. The way you go about this will depend on your brand quality.
  • Launch a website;
  • get in touch with fashion bloggers;
  • go to fairs and trade shows;
  • open your own branded shop with mood and interior you have created;
  • build a marketing strategy;
  • start selling!

Quick Facts About Clothing Manufacturing in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania 

  • The revenue in the Fashion Segment of the Baltics exceeds €270 Million. 
  • Revenue in the Fashion segment grows on average 10.1% annually. 
  • Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania’s geographic location make shipping to Europe and Asia easy.

Top Clothing Manufacturers in The Baltics

To help you find the manufacturers that best meet your needs, we’ve created a list of potential manufacturers you can work with: 

  • Der Schatz
  • UAB Vixit
  • Eustilija
  • MB Simsaite
  • Aderlita