Clothing Manufacturers in Greece 2022

Clothing Manufacturers in Greece 2022

Apparel Manufacturing in Greece

Since ancient times, Greece has been a place where fashion from all across the world combines and creates something new. This innovation, coupled with the usage of high-quality Greek cotton, has made Greece a top destination for luxury apparel production. Despite a devastating economic recession and tough competition from neighbouring countries, Greek garment manufacturers have survived and invested heavily in new technology. The usage of new technology has allowed Greek manufacturers to produce high order quantities while keeping prices low. What has made manufacturing in Greece very popular the last couple of decades has been the usage of only the highest quality fabrics such as Greek cotton, which is sustainably sourced. 

Featured Clothing Manufacturer in Greece

Selina Fashion

1. Can you tell us what your company is all about?

Selina Fashion is a private label apparel manufacturer based in Europe, successfully operating in the industry for over a decade. We run a vibrant and dynamic organization built on trust and strong commitment towards our employees and clients. As a leader in the industry, Selina Fashion has a wealth of knowledge and experience in everything related to the manufacturing of high-quality products. Exceptional quality is the foundation of our company and the driving force behind all decisions.
We work in a highly competitive field, so we’re constantly investing in technology and research to make sure we stay ahead of the curve. Our commitment to quality guarantees our success and your satisfaction. We supply many local and global companies with a variety of innovative products, created with the greatest degree of precision and care.

2. Why is Greece a good place to manufacture apparel? 

Greece has long experience in the clothing industry, ever since ancient times. These traditions and usage of high-quality Greek cotton have made apparel production in Greece some of the highest quality in Europe. All experts have experience with new machinery and work with all fabrics. While people prefer to produce in cheaper locations in Europe, the quality of the work and knowledge really shine in Greece.

3. What advice would you give new designers and start-up brands?

To new designers and start-up brands, we would say to understand the market for which they want to sell to. Do not go for the cheapest manufacturer without seeing their work first. Your company is a long-term investment, and you need to find a manufacturer who can provide you with all the services you will need and will help you grow. Also, budget is important, do not expect your products to be made for cents, this is not ethical. 

Quick Facts About Clothing Manufacturing in Greece

  • The Greek fashion segment posted revenue of €401 Million in 2019.
  • Fashion segment revenue is expected to grow at 7.7% annually until 2023.
  • Greece is the 8th largest cotton exporter in the world. 

Top Clothing Manufacturers in Greece

To help you find the manufacturers that best meet your needs, we’ve created a list of potential manufacturers you can work with: 

  • Selina Fashion
  • Ypsilon