Clothing Manufacturers in the Netherlands 2022

Clothing Manufacturers in the Netherlands 2022

Apparel Manufacturing in the Netherlands

Fun fact: Did you know Amsterdam is the denim capital of the world? The capital of the Netherlands has always been a bastion for progressive and forward-thinking ideas. These ideas are reflected in the fashion industry. Revenue in the Fashion segment amounts to an estimated €6 Billion in 2019. This amount grows steadily each year and Dutch fashion brands and manufacturers can be seen in Europe and around the world, investing and consulting, leading the fashion world towards a sustainable, fair, and eco-friendly direction. With Sqetch, you can find your ideal Dutch manufacturer and be amazed first hand by their innovative ideas. 

Featured Manufacturer from the Netherlands

1. Can you tell us what Ecologic Republic is all about?

It is my private production company. We offer private label production to fashion brands as well as production capacity in case of other needs. Our production facility has 100 machines, and we work with over 120 employees. What makes us different is that we’re not a factory; we see ourselves more as a production partner. A factory just makes something. We think along with our clients, inform them about the fabrics and figure out what gives the best result for their needs.

2. Why is the Netherlands a good place to manufacture apparel? 

The Netherlands has always been a forward-thinking country, looking for ways to progress and improve business practices. The same is true for the fashion industry. Amsterdam has made itself the denim capital of the world and is currently leading the way to become a major centre for the sustainable and eco-friendly fashion movement. Dutch manufacturers are present everywhere and have access to the highest quality supplies and sewing technologies. 

3. What advice would you give new designers and start-up brands?

If you want to start your own fashion venture or enterprise, you have to take it seriously. It’s not something you can do on the side. Not something that you do on a Sunday from 10-6 pm. It needs to be high on your priority list. In addition, it needs proper funding. Let’s say you want to start with hoodies and sweaters. I have plenty of people coming over or contacting me with just €500 in budget. It’s simply not enough. Also, consider how you want to market and sell your product: Have you thought about creating a website, sales strategy, and a sufficient marketing plan? A lot of brands forget this, while it’s one of the most important factors when starting your clothing brand. What happens a lot is that I receive questions for a collection of three styles in three different colours and a max of 100 to 200 pieces. I reply and send them a simple Excel sheet with information on what needs to be taken care of. Telling them it costs a lot more than €5 per piece, most brands are surprised it is not that cheap. They don’t need to know about the fabrics, workmanship, style, and such, I’ll help them with this, but it would be nice if they can think along and put effort into creating a new label. This starts with thinking your concept through and realizing it costs more than just €500 to create 500 t-shirts 😉

Amsterdam is becoming an important centre for sustainability and environmental friendliness

Quick Facts About Clothing Manufacturers in the Netherlands 

  • The port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe.
  • The Netherlands is home to the most fashion startups in Europe. 
  • Fashion segment revenue rises on average 6.9% annually. 

Top Clothing Manufacturers in The Netherlands

To help you find the manufacturers that best meet your needs, we’ve created a list of potential manufacturers you can work with: 

  • Melitex
  • JDL Sourcing
  • One Feeling Prints (Printing Only)
  • Bureau Scheppers 
  • Ole Group