Clothing Manufacturers in the Ukraine 2022

Clothing Manufacturers in the Ukraine 2022

Apparel Manufacturing in Ukraine 

Located at the edge of Eastern Europe, Ukraine has a long history as a hub for garment and textile manufacturing. During the late 1900s, Ukraine was one of the largest apparel manufacturing centres in the Soviet Union, due to its highly skilled workforce and its sewing traditions. In recent years, large brands like Zara, New Look, and Marks & Spencer have moved much of their production to Ukrainian factories in cities such as Kiev, Lviv, and Odessa. Ukraine’s low production costs, experienced workforce, low order quantities, and advanced factories have made Ukraine a rising destination for apparel manufacturing. 

Featured Clothing Manufacturer in Ukraine 


Ukraine easily combines experienced manufacturers and low production costs.

1. Can you tell us what your company is all about?

Udekasi was established in 1993 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Our vast experience of over 25 years allows our designers to create exclusive models, each of which harmoniously combines beauty, elegance, and practicality. The main goal of the brand is to help customers whose lives are dynamic and do not leave time for long shopping, always look great, feel comfortable, and at the same time spend a minimum of time choosing clothes.

Our company offers various collections for your designs from the materials provided and the complete development of the collection with the selection of technologies and materials. We carry out the delivery.

2. Why is Ukraine a good place to manufacture apparel? 

Ukraine has many experienced sewers and manufacturers who can produce high-quality garments for much less than many European countries. We have some of the most advanced machines and our facilities can ship anywhere. 

3. What advice would you give new designers and start-up brands?

We say to new brands and designers that they need to experiment with their brand during the first year. In Ukraine, we have low order quantities which are perfect for new brands to test which market works best for them. 

Ukraine has become an emerging country for manufacturing due to advanced factories.

Quick Facts About Clothing Manufacturing in Ukraine 

  • The Ukrainian fashion segment posted revenue of €348m in 2019.
  • Fashion segment revenue is expected to grow at 9.0% annually until 2023.
  • Closer ties with the EU have made import/export easier in recent years. 

Top Clothing Manufacturers in Ukraine

To help you find the manufacturers that best meet your needs, we’ve created a list of potential manufacturers you can work with: 

  • Kvitava LLC 
  • Hmelnychanka
  • Udekasi
  • HeartMessages LLC
  • Ltd. Production & Commercial Firm “Velma”