Production & Quality Management
Production & Quality Management

Production & Quality Management

Our Production  & Quality Management Toolbox and Training will take the complexity out of the production process and inform you of everything you need to know about producing your designs to your desired quality standard.

Our focused yet comprehensive toolbox content will take you through the key milestones from finding the right partners, how to be ‘production ready’, the production process, pricing, social responsibility, quality control/assurance, and how to communicate effectively throughout the whole process. 

Our guided training will assist and support you, ensuring that best practices are followed every step of the way.

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• Guide Production
• Guide Quality Management
• Quality Control Manual
• Guide to Labelling & Care
• Production Process Overview
• Labelling Requirements

Marte Hentschel is a serial entrepreneur and an expert in fashion sustainability, responsible sourcing, and platform creation with long-term experience in applying digital technologies to industries in flux.

She is CEO at Sqetch, speaker, consultant, coach, and lecturer.

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Production & Quality Management

Secure production by saving time and money during the design, marketing, and distribution that is scalable and future-proof.


Managing the clothing production process is challenging, especially in times of growth, internationalization & professionalization, and strategic shifts towards sustainable business models.

The Toolbox

This toolbox is an essential guide for SME brands, designers, and production managers to plan and manage the production, quality, and logistics along the entire supply chain with multiple stakeholders. Also, it includes step-by-step guides, and easy-to-use templates with example documents designed by industry experts with first-hand experience to make this process friction-free and a lot more satisfying.

Guided Training

This training session provides SME brands with hands-on support for production management.

Meet Sqetch’s CEO Marte Hentschel, a sourcing and supply chain expert, lecturer, and consultant with 10+ years of experience in the clothing industry.

Train your skills, develop your team, and get advice on digital tools and production infrastructure for your assortment. Build your production strategy for a scalable, sustainable, and future-proof business in the competitive fashion market in this 45-min 1on1 video consultancy session.

*Exclusive for the kit


If you aim for the full-on learning experience that includes the toolbox and guided training, our kit is the right option for you.

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