How To Measure Manual
How To Measure Manual
How To Measure Manual
How To Measure Manual
How To Measure Manual

How To Measure Manual

The How to Measure Manual will not only provide standardization in your development and quality process, but will also streamline communication and ultimately increase efficiency and accuracy. Curated by industry expert, Maxi Bohn, the modules are clearly separated into key product categories and can be purchased separately* or as a combined bundle (full package).

* Basis Manual required for purchasing separate modules

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The manual format is Microsoft PowerPoint-based, which allows easy amendments, changes, and adding additional content by all Microsoft users. The curves and shapes are and can be created according to the same logic as in Adobe InDesign / Illustrator.

No special training is required for changes in the document, and it includes useful instructions at the end on how to amend it to your wishes.

As an innovative partner, Maxi Bonn supports sustainable fashion brands of all sizes to build and improve their technical product development. She is a garment technician, pattern maker, fashion designer, and dressmaker with over a decade of experience.

Maxi is also a consultant and dedicates her time and knowledge to those who stand up and offer an alternative to the throw-away fashion mentality.

“Living in times when the pressure on the industry gets higher, I accompany the new brave business heroes that offer the clothes we all want to wear tomorrow.”

If you are not satisfied with our products and services and are still within 30 days of your original purchase date, your request for a refund will be honored, no questions asked.

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How to Measure Kit

Increase efficiency and accuracy by standardising your development and quality process and streamlining communication.

The Manual

With 184 POMs (Points Of Measure/measurements) it covers all product categories over your women’s, men’s, and kids’ wear apparel collection (excl. lingerie, beachwear, soft accessories). All sketches are easy to understand and generalized, which allows the users across multiple styles. Each POM is precisely described in technical terms commonly used worldwide.

How does it help me?

The modular system allows you to pick and choose parts that match your product categories and business model. Next to garment-based sketches for tops and bottoms, it contains many detailed sketches.

• Improve quality control processes = profit from the garment-based modules “Basic top” to “skirt”(contain all fit relevant measurements in width and length)

• Boost development processes = profit from garment-based modules and the detail modules. (e.g. Denim brands choose “Pants” and “Pockets”. Hoodie & T-shirt brands choose “Basic top”, “Raglan” and “hood“)

+ Efficiency

Stop wasting time creating measurement sketches on style level

+ Development & Quality Process

No more misunderstandings: clear and consistent instructions

+ Standards

Enables the standardization of graded specs and grading

Full Package

If you aim for a full-on experience and wish to purchase multiple items, you can benefit from the full package by acquiring all of them with a price deduction.

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