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Clothing Manufacturers in Bulgaria 2022
Apparel Manufacturing in Bulgaria Bulgaria has a long history of being a centre of fashion in Eastern Europe. Located at the eastern edge of Europe, Bulgarian fashion manufacturing has often been compared to the high quality of its Turkish neighbours. Family-run...
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Clothing Manufacturers in the Netherlands 2022
Apparel Manufacturing in the Netherlands Fun fact: Did you know Amsterdam is the denim capital of the world? The capital of the Netherlands has always been a bastion for progressive and forward-thinking ideas. These ideas are reflected in the fashion...
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Clothing Manufacturers in the Ukraine 2022
Apparel Manufacturing in Ukraine  Located at the edge of Eastern Europe, Ukraine has a long history as a hub for garment and textile manufacturing. During the late 1900s, Ukraine was one of the largest apparel manufacturing centres in the Soviet Union,...
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Clothing Manufacturers in Italy 2022
Apparel Manufacturing in Italy What do you think when you read “Made in Italy?” According to KPMR Advisory, the “Made in Italy” tag on clothing is not only seen as a production in a certain location, rather it is seen...
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